About Us

Welcome to SMOBi, the SustainMobility Information Portal

SMOBi is a “one-stop shop” portal with a toolbox of ready to use programs, marketing campaigns and a wide range of resources that encourage, support and reward active, healthy and sustainable travel options. Our programs are designed to encourage healthy and active lifestyles, to reduce travel by single occupant vehicles and to improve our communities by reducing congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.

As an organization that manages multiple Transportation Management Associations (TMA’s), SustainMobility knows a thing or two about sustainable transportation programs and services.

We have designed SMOBi for a variety of users including:

  • Organizations & Post-Secondary Institutions - Individual workplaces, colleges and university campuses can quickly create a fully developed sustainable travel program.
  • Municipal Programs – Launch a Virtual Transportation Management Association in your municipality. With SMOBi, you get a fully developed program at a fraction of the cost.
  • Transportation Management Associations - Use SMOBi to bolster your programming and improve communication with your clients.

SMOBi Features:

  • Custom Portal – clients can select which programs and services to include on their custom portal
  • Program Integration – clients can integrate existing programs and services on their portal
  • Program Selection – we provide our clients with à la carte programs which include:
    • Rideshare Program
    • Emergency Ride Home Program
    • Active Switch – Health and Wellness Program
    • Trip Activity Logging & Tracking Tools
    • Incentives & Rewards Programs                 
  • Annual Campaigns & Promotions – clients can select campaigns to promote on the portal
    All campaigns include:
    • E-Communications
    • Print Ready Files
    • Incentives & Rewards
  • Admin Access - Ability to add announcements, events, program information, files and links on the custom portal

At SustainMobility, we work with our clients to build programs and services that are right for you.

Contact us today at info@sustainmobility.ca to find out how SMOBi can work for you.