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Find your Carpool Partner with Regional Rideshare    -
  Updated 1 year ago

Looking to save money and reduce your environmental impact in the community? Try carpooling to work with King's College University employees, students, and faculty! Regional Rideshare is your free ride matching tool that allows you to find carpool partners who share your commute.  

Get started in 4 easy steps:

  1. Enter a trip: Specify your origin and destination using addresses, choosing from a list, or clicking on a map. Choose when you want to carpool.
  2. Search then adjust: Search for people who share your destination and schedule, or if you share a route in common with another user.
  3. Invite and accept: Exchange invitations with your favourite matches.
  4. Start Carpooling

Click here to to get started!

Not sure? Click on the links below for step-by-step instructions on how to register an account and find a carpool match!

Regional Rideshare Flyer
Regional Ridehsare Guide
Regional Rideshare Guide Video

Click here for Regional Rideshare's Mandatory Ride-Sharing Rules
Click here for Tips on Successful Ride-sharing

Active Switch Program    -
  Updated 1 year ago

Don’t miss out on the health benefits associated with physical activity! Get moving with the Active Switch Program by choosing active travel modes for your commute and other daily trips.

The Active Switch Campus online tool allows users to set goals, track progress and converts the distance travelled to illustrate the amount of calories burned and greenhouse gas emissions saved.

Track your active trips on for a chance to win great monthly prizes!

Note: Please select "King's University College" campus  under City of London when creating an account on Active Switch

Not sure how to register? Click here to download the Active Switch Flyer for instructions on how to register an account

Emergency Ride Home Program    -  
  Updated 2 years ago

emergency ride home program taxi iconAs an employee (staff or faculty) at a participating Commute Ontario campus, you are eligible for the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program.

Please note students are not eligible for the ERH Program.

If you have an unforeseen emergency on any day you use a sustainable method to commute to campus, you can request a reimbursement of up to $75 for your emergency transportation costs. 

To submit an ERH claim, kindly click on the "Submit ERH Claim" link on the left navigation bar and complete the form.

Click here for program Terms & Conditions
Click here for Frequently Asked Questions



Commute Ontario    -
  Updated 1 year ago

Commute Ontario is a program of SustainMobility, designed to encourage commuters in the province of Ontario to adopt healthy and sustainable transportation options. 

facebook iconCommute Ontario
twitter icon@commuteontario

Find your London Transit Route    -
  Updated 4 years ago

Click here for information about London Transit and bus schedules. 
Click here for more information on the Access London Transit Smart Card.

Commute Cost Calculation    -
  Updated 1 year ago

Are you looking to split the cost of your commute with your carpool group but don't know where to start?

Click here to see an example on how to calculate your approximate commute cost.

Join London's E-Newsletter!    -
  Updated 1 year ago

Stay connected and receive bi-weekly newsletter about important Council decisions and updates on new City intitatives delievered directly to your inbox.

Click here to sign-up for our e-newsletter today! 

Ontario’s Guide to Safe Cycling    -
  Updated 1 year ago

Ontario's Guide to Safe Cycling provides important information, tips and techniques to help make you a safe, confident cyclist whether you are a new or experienced rider. 

Click here to view the guide. 

Register for Overnight Parking    -
  Updated 1 year ago

Starting Tuesday, September 4, overnight parking will be prohibited on all streets between 3 a.m. - 5 a.m. Drivers will need to register their vehicles for overnight parking using the overnight parking pass system.

Click here to Register for Overnight Parking Pass.

Renew London (Construction Program)    -
  Updated 1 year ago

Find out about road closures and construction projects on City streets which may impact your daily commute.

Ontario Carpool Parking Lots    -
  Updated 1 year ago

Looking for a place to meet up with your carpool partner before entering the highway system? Take advantage of free Ministry of Transportation (MTO) carpool parking lots today.

Click here to find a carpool parking lot near you.

Carpool lots are restricted to a maximum of 120 consecutive hours. Selected lots are also served by public transit.

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Carpool Month Updated 10 months ago
Starts: Feb 1, 2021
Ends: Feb 28, 2021

Cut the costs of driving alone by carpooling. Enter to WIN $500 towards your gas purchases by logging in or creating an account on Regional Rideshare at

But Wait! There's More!

Earn an additional entry into the prize draw for each successful registration on Regional Rideshare. New registrants will be asked to provide the referring person's email address.



Bike Month Ontario Updated 6 months ago
Starts: Jun 1, 2021
Ends: Jun 30, 2021

Track your cycling trips on the Active Switch online tool at and track your impact!

Stay tuned for campaign details.


Transit Month Ontario Updated 5 months ago
Starts: Sep 1, 2021
Ends: Sep 30, 2021

September is Transit Month!

Whether you are a regular rider or trying transit for the first time, Transit Month Ontario is a time to celebrate and reward transit riders.



Commute Ontario Information Package   Updated 1 year ago

King's University College has teamed up with Commute Ontario to offers its faculty, staff and students with FREE sustainable commuting programs for an easier, healthier, and more enjoyable commute. Click here to download an information package to learn more. 

City of London Bike Map   Updated 1 year ago

This is your guide to bike lanes and paths in the City of London. Click here for legend and more information on key areas.